College in Jaipur - Pratap University

Pratap University is one of the top leading universities in Jaipur. Pratap University was established in 2011 in Jaipur after a glorious journey of Group since 1995. India's top leading college in Jaipur is situated on the Delhi - Jaipur highway, and its world-class infrastructure and modern campus expended over hundreds of acres. The Pratap University is also known for providing quality education, and we provide placement in top leading companies according to the respective courses.

Pratap University starts its journey with the concern of the Rajasthan Government. At Pratap University, we provide all the amenities required for a bright future for students. It makes us the best among all other college in Jaipur. The college is heading towards contributing to India's brighter future because we believe that youth is the future of our country.

At Pratap University, students come here to pursue their dream courses in the top leading university and build their careers. We allow both International and Indian students.

Facilities That Offer the Best College in Jaipur

At Pratap University, we offer all the required facilities to our students to help in fast and productive learning. Our advance and modern facilities allow the students to explore their subjects in detailed format and help them to innovate new things. Our world-class facilities make us best than other colleges and universities. It makes us always be on top of the list of the best college in Jaipur.

Some of the best key features of our campus that we provide

  • Modern Classrooms
  • Advanced and Fully equipped laboratories
  • Library
  • Advanced IT Labs
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Highly Qualified Faculty Members
  • Student Support
  • Mentorship programs
  • Cafeteria
  • Placement Drives
  • 24*7 Security

These are some of the top features of our university, and we have many more other facilities that we offer. Students enjoy the campus life at Pratap University and build their careers toward a successful life.

Fees Structure at Pratap University

Pratap University offers the most affordable fee structure for higher education so we can provide the best quality education to our students and contribute to the spread of the literacy rate of our country. At Pratap University, we design our fee structure in such a way that every student can afford their dream course for higher education at the best college in Jaipur. We offer several courses like B.Tech, BCA, MBA, and B.Com, and many more. In every course, we allow students to pay in small parts that make it more convenient for students. University offers several other facilities like sports, curriculum, and internship programs in this fee include apart from quality education.

Our Mission - (To always be the No. 1 College in Jaipur)

The main objective of Pratap University is to provide an affordable and quality education for the students because we believe that youth is the future of our country. Education provides success in society in every walk of life. At Pratap University we always go for modern education in technical, medical, and other professional courses. Our clear vision towards our mission always keeps us the no. 1 college in Jaipur. At Pratap University, we focus on developing new skills and developing the leadership qualities in students that help them to stand out from the crowd. All this is only possible through the guidance of Our Chairmen Mr. Shailendra Bhadauria. Our Chairmen and other management members always try to provide maximum employment for our students through Campus placements, Internship programs, Entrepreneurship quality development, and many more.

Placement Opportunities in Top College in Jaipur

Placements are an important part of every college life both for the students and college because by the campus placement students can build their careers in their respective fields. College also gets the benefits of campus placement in terms of quality education and actual knowledge of the real-world requirements. At Pratap University, we provide our student's placement in top leading companies and organizations in every sector. It can be in IT Sector, Medical Sector, Media Sector, Entertainment Sector, Engineering Sector, and other sectors respectively. The main objective of providing placement opportunities in these sectors is to provide a better and brighter future for our students. At Pratap University, we allow both Indian and International students to participate in the placement drive. In the college, we have a separate student support cell that helps the students in every phase of college life because we believe that college placement is the most important event in every student's life. It is the reason that Pratap University is the priority choice for students to pursue their higher studies in the best college in Jaipur.

Apply Now to Pratap University

To pursue your desired course for higher education at the best affordable college in Jaipur students can apply after completing their schooling or required classes as per the course requirements. Candidates who want to enroll themself in Pratap University can directly apply through the official website of the college and after that, they need to clear an entrance examination and match the required criteria for the course.

Candidates who want to apply for Professional courses at Pratap University should have

  • Minimum 50% in 10+2
  • Original Documents
  • Adhaar Card
  • Photos
  • Student Visa (For International Students)

These are some of the basic requirements to enroll in the university. Candidates can apply immediately after the announcement of their intermediate results. Candidates can apply from both online and offline methods, for the online method students can visit our official website and fill out the application form.

Our Core Values

In every organization, the core values of the organization are the most important base in the organization's growth. At Pratap University, our core values are always clear we cannot compromise the quality of education that we provide. Our chairmen and other higher management members always focus on the quality of education and facilities require for the respective courses. Since 2011 when the university is established, we also established our core values that providing the best quality education and building a better future for our students is always our priority.

A brighter future for our students directly helps us to contribute to the growth of our country because youth is the future of India and has the power to change or develop the country worldwide. We also build other skills like sports and other leadership skills in our students that help them stand out from the crowd. These core values make us the best college in Jaipur and we are always the first choice for the students to pursue their higher studies at university.