University in Jaipur

Pratap University is one of the top leading universities in Jaipur. At Pratap University, we allow both International and Indian students to pursue higher studies at the best university in Jaipur. In 2011, In collaboration with Rajasthan Government, Pratap University started. When we began this university, our primary focus was always to provide quality education and build a brighter and stable career for our students.

The university offers several professional courses. Students can select the professional courses according to their interested field. At Pratap University, candidates have more than 20+ Course options for enrolling in higher education.

World Class University in Jaipur

Pratap University offers world class courses and world class infrastructure to provide the best possible education for our students. Our highly qualified faculty members and highly advanced teaching methods make it possible to provide quality education. Our professional courses help students stand out from the crowd and build their careers brighter and more stable. Our management team always supports our students in every step of their college life. At Pratap University, we offer all the facilities and amenities for the students to make their studies more comfortable.

Facilities in Best University in Jaipur

If we talk about the facilities and amenities provided by Pratap University, we provide all the facilities required in the best university in Jaipur. Some of the basic facilities offered by the university are listed below.

  • Hostel facilities
  • Cafeteria
  • Transportation
  • Library
  • Gym facilities
  • Sports
  • Medical facilities
  • Annual Event

These facilities are some of the basic facilities available at Pratap University.

1. Hostel

Pratap University offers the following facilities for students from another city, state, or nation to stay in the college hostel. So that they can focus on their studies.

2. Cafeteria

A cafeteria is also available at Pratap University to provide refreshments diet for our students in breaks between classes.

3. Transportation

Transportation facilities are also available at Pratap University to make the study more convenient for those students who want pick up and drop facility from the nearby stand.

4. Library

Pratap University also offers a centralized library for providing the best quality education. Apart from their courses, students can also get worldwide knowledge.

5. Gym Facilities

Pratap University believes that good health helps us focus and perform our best in life.

Admission Procedure at Pratap University

Taking admission to one of the best universities in Jaipur is a dream for everyone. The Candidate who wants to enroll at Pratap University can apply for admission after completing their schooling or required qualifications according to their courses.

Campus Placement Drive at Pratap University

Campus placement drives are a master event for every student in college life because placement drives help students build their careers before completing their degrees. At Pratap University, we focus on providing a brighter and stable future for our students in collaboration with the top leading companies in their fields accordingly. Pratap University is a world class university in Jaipur that provides career opportunities in the top leading national and international companies to build a career. At Pratap University, we organize personality development and internship programs to understand real-world requirements. Our maximum pass-out students are already working well in many national and international top leading organizations. It is our main focus objective and this makes us placed always on top of the Best 5 University in Jaipur list.

Personality Development Events at Pratap University in Jaipur

Personality development programs are regularly organized at Pratap University because we believe that developing the student's well-grown personalities helps them grow faster in their careers. At Pratap University, we arrange different events at regular intervals, such as

  • Sports Activities
  • Cultural Festivals
  • Industrial Visit
  • Internship Programs
  • Personality Building Programs
  • Quiz
  • Award Functions
  • Annual Events

These are some of the usual personality programs organized by Pratap University. If you wonder how these activities help in the development of your personality, so let us explain.

1. Sports Activities

Sports activities build other skills apart from education. It also helps to live a healthy lifestyle.

2. Cultural Festivals

At Pratap University, we organize cultural festivals regularly where our students get a chance to showcase their other talents like singing, dancing, acting, and so on.

3. Industrial Visit

Industrial visits help our students know about the real-life working environment and procedures in the respective industries.

4. Internship Programs

Internship programs are a small glimpse of the actual working in the industrial world. We encourage students to attend the industrial internship program so that they have a chance to get experience before directly going to the organization.

5. Personality Building Programs

Personality building programs include group discussions, cultural activities, skill development programs, sports programs, and many more. These programs will help to build the overall personality of a student and help them to stand out from the crowd.

6. Award Functions

After completing any achievement, an appreciation is like a booster for the participants. At Pratap University, We organize the awards ceremony for our students and faculty members as well. In this ceremony, we celebrate all the achievements done by our students or faculty members.

Why Pratap University is Top Private University in Jaipur?

If you are still thinking about that why Pratap University is the best choice for pursuing your higher studies, and always on the top of the best 5 University in Jaipur list. Then visit the Pratap University campus once. Here you'll find all the world class facilities along with the quality facilities. Pratap University also has a world class infrastructure that provides the overall ambiance for quality education. At Pratap University, we always allow both Indian and International students to pursue their higher studies at Top Private University in Jaipur.

Pratap University held the campus placement drives regularly to provide the students with a brighter and stable future. Pratap University provides quality education at an affordable fee structure. Our convenient fee structure makes education affordable for all students.

Pratap University offers more than 20+ professional courses to pursue higher studies. Enroll in professional courses at Pratap University and secure your future with us.