Annual Event Sifalri

We all need a break from the classroom and lectures to rejuvenate and extracurricular activities are the best way to regain that energy and enhance your personality. Whether getting involved in student clubs, volunteering activities, sports tournaments, or part-time jobs, these activities outside the regular classroom, help students meet new people and develop their social skills. Students not only stay fit and healthy by actively participating in sports, but they also learn effective ways to handle pressure in times of crisis.

With the view of the overall development of students, Pratap University organizes Sports Week named SIFALRI every year in the winter season month of February for four days. Students can participate in inter-college competitions at university. In sifalri, a large number of students participated in Cultural programs and outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, etc., and indoor games like Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, etc.

The growing popularity of computers, video games, and television makes children very inactive in their lifestyles. The time spent on these things may be spent on some physical activities. Parents should be role models for their children. If the parents are looking very active, the children are more likely to be more active and will stay active for the rest of their life.

Participation in sports and other physical activities can have many benefits for children. Participation in organized sports offers the chance for youth to enhance their physical and social skills. A balance should be maintained that matches the child’s maturity, skills, and interests with their sports participation. Sports offer children a chance from the monotony of their daily life. It is also a useful means of entertainment and physical activity for them.

Improves academic performance

Studies have revealed that students who are involved in athletic activities achieve better scores through their education. Understanding the correlation between physical fitness and academic success, Pratap University organizes various sports-related programs including badminton, table tennis, basketball, football, etc. for students.

Develops fitness habits

Students develop better fitness habits and coordination by engaging in sports and exercises. Proper stretching exercises and yoga from an early age help them in taking care of their bodies while avoiding health problems. A yoga session supervised by an instructor is one of the most essential components of the Induction Program at Pratap University.

Provides mental and emotional benefits

Not only do sports provide great physical benefits but also help students in boosting and maintaining mental and emotional well-being. When you exercise on a daily basis, your body releases chemicals called endorphins which reduce stress and trigger a positive feeling in the body. It has been proved that students who are physically active and engage in sports are happier and lead less stressful life.

Builds specific skills

Through sports, students are able to build a wide range of abilities and skills such as leadership, confidence, teamwork, patience, self-reliance, trust, and many more which facilitate the overall development of an individual. You become proactive when you need to solve problems while playing on the court. Students also learn to manage time between their lectures, sports, and personal life.

Maintains a positive spirit

One of the important advantages of University sports is developing a positive spirit to achieve success while playing for your University. This passion and positive spirit help students achieve their career goals easily. Through sports, they not only bring laurels to their University but get an opportunity to earn a decent income as well. If interested, you can always make an exciting career in sports or athletics.

Games in Sifalri: -

The Warriors

  • Cricket
  • Kabaddi
  • Athletics
  • Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Tug of War
  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Basketball
  • High Jump
  • Volley Ball
  • Carom
  • Long Jump
  • Slow Cycle Race


  • Rangoli
  • Face Painting
  • Mehndi
  • Antakshari
  • Kavi Sammelan
  • Dance (Solo & Group)
  • Singing (Solo & Group)
  • Ramp Walk
  • Play
  • Mimicry

Techno Hunt

  • LAN Games
  • Poster Presentation
  • Robotics
  • Design Master
  • Presentation

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