Pratap university spread over in 100 acres of lush green surrounding picturesquely amidst the hills at Jaipur-Mumbai National highway. University campus fulfills all the ecological norms and environment friendly. Beautiful garden areas are added to the severe environment.

Classroom design at the University facilitates collective and constructive learning as the classrooms are well equipped, smart lectures and having interactive whiteboard. We also provides our students with advanced aids like LCD projectors, cloud based communication system, monthly quiz competition, weekly group discussion and weekly online test series. Development of virtual class rooms at the university combines modern advancements with conventional methods to achieve concrete results.

The university auditorium having a seating capacity of 550 is centrally air-conditioned with hi-tech infrastructure. The auditorium includes the balcony, has a computerized system, central sound system and two large dressing rooms & lounge.

The world class conference & seminar room with hi-tech equipments assisting students in grooming their personality. The conference room is equipped with LCD TV & LCD Projector well suited for Group Discussions, National & International Conference/Seminar etc.

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