Enterpreneurship Cell

In present scenario in India, our more than 50% of the country's population are below 25 years in age, in the era of an exponential technological growth, it becomes a perfect time for the youngsters to innovate, improvise and bring new advance products and services to public and help the economic growth of the country, being their own boss.

Across India today, top companies recruit for talent, rather than knowledge; young people demand the opportunity to "make it big"; the govt of India increasingly emphasizes the need for an entrepreneurial generation, naming this the "decade of innovation'. E-Cell at Management Education & Research Institute, Delhi is the forefront of this entrepreneurial change.

The Entrepreneurship cell of Pratap University aims to ignite this spirit of entrepreneurship and encourage them to think creatively and help them identify and solve problems of the society. Our Entrepreneurship Cell has a huge network in the corporate world. Be it big investors, industrialists, directors of various companies, so on and so forth.

If any of our student has a start-up idea, but he is not sure regarding where to begin and how to proceed, he can approach the Entrepreneurship Cell of the university. We guide him on every aspect and connect with big investors and mentors.

Entrepreneurship Cell prepares students pursuing program like MBA, MCA & PGDM for their entrepreneurial venture through its well drafted pedagogy which include-

  • Orientation and Motivation
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Kickstarting the Entrepreneurial campus
  • Business Planning workshops
  • Prototype to commercialization- drafts preparation
  • Market Analytics
  • Team Building
  • Managing funds/ entrepreneurship finance
  • Social Entrepreneurship locally in the area
Enterpreneurship Cell