Exam Cell

Office of the Controller of Examination :-

The Controller of Examinations office is an important part of the autonomy. The COE Office is responsible for the announcement of academic schedule, preparation of question papers, conduction of examinations, evaluation of answer scripts, and declaration of results and issuing of grade sheets. Every academic year, students take up end semester examinations in November/December and April/May. The Pratap University maintains the smooth functioning of the continuous assessment tests

Mission and Vision

To develop and maintain cent % infallible and technology-enabled theory and level-headed examination and assessment system and thus the publication of results at the earliest whereas, upholding the devoutness of freedom granted below autonomy by strict adherence to the values of quality, fairness, privacy, confidentiality and effectiveness expected thereof inside the transactions of the workplace of Controller of Examinations.


  • To improve and advance the quality of work by adopting/using technological tools and go par excellence.
  • To Act according to rules and regulations formed by the University
  • To Document every action / decision
  • To establish the authenticity of information disseminated from this office
  • To ensure safe custody of master records and related documents
  • To Reduce wastage of time and stationery
  • To Delivery of services on time

COE Message to Students

Bharath VB

Dr. R. Shanmugam

Dear students,
An examination is a fair way of accessing the knowledge which a student posses of a respective course or subject. The examination also creates competition among the students, which pushes one to acquire more knowledge. Students work harder to improve their knowledge and skills. In this way, they learn more. These examinations are your opportunity for growing in the future and proving your worth to everyone around you. Grab it and do your best, don't let it pass through. But remember, luck and success choose their recipients very carefully and they only comes to those who believe in themselves, are ready to work hard, honestly, passionately, and are prepared to win. Study comprehensively and do your best and come out in flying colors.
I wish all students, good luck for the examinations and I pray with all my heart for your success.

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Features of Autonomy

PU has received ease after determine or advise its own syllabi or restructure or redesign the path after swimsuit manufacturing needs; advice guidelines because of arrangement within consonance with the reservation policy on the ruler government. Evolve strategies regarding evaluation on scholar performance, Government of examinations then declaration about results.

Use advanced tools regarding lesson technology in a simulation to attain higher requirements than larger creativity and Promote wholesome practices certain as neighborhood service, extension activities, challenge, and programs because of the gain regarding society at extensive or the neighborhood.

Towards accomplishing these goals Pratap University has constituted Boards about Studies and Academic council because of specific disciplines. Syllabi then blueprint on examinations bear been framed newly which are Being applied from the Academic year (2011-2012).

About the Examination Section

The office of the Controller of Examinations was established in 2011. He is assisted by the one Deputy Controller and two Assistant controllers of Examination, one office superintendent, and other staff members to assist him in conducting the examinations and publishing the results on time. The COE office is sensitized to the just demands of the students and holds Office of the Controller of Examinations is responsible for preparation, scheduling, and conduct of Final Assessment of all the programs offered by the institute. It also facilitates the central valuation of answer scripts and the timely publication of Results.The other responsibilities are:

  • Issuing Grade Certificates, Consolidated Statement of Grades and Provisional Certificates as and when candidates become eligible to receive the same.
  • Issue of Transcripts.
  • Preparation of Degree Certificates
  • Preparation of Rank List / Gold Medallist Lists.
  • Providing genuineness/verification services to various stakeholders such as Government authorities, corporate bodies, and educational institutions.
  • Facilitating Paper Seeing and Revaluation Processes. For Pre and Post Auditing of Question Papers and Answer Booklets by both internal and external subject matter experts.
  • Issue of Duplicate Certificates.

For Any Exam Related Query, please write to  - coe@pratapuniversity.in