Complaints FAQ

Pratap University believes in the principles of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. The university aims to provide a harmonic environment to all the students, faculty, staff, associates and stakeholders. Our primary concern is about our students who are studying in Pratap University from all various states as well as countries. To facilitate these, university has formed a committee to closely monitor day to day academic activities and facilities which is being provided to students. Not only student, any of the faculty & staff can connect to the complaint cell headed by management itself."

As first step, you may refer to our complaint FAQ section to get the solution of your problem. If you don't find your issue listed there, you may write to us on

Q1. Where is the university located?

It is located near Sunderpura (Chandwaji), Delhi-Jaipur Express Highway, Jaipur.

Q2. Is transportation facility available?


Q3. Are there campus tours for visitors?

Visitors are welcomed from all over the world to Pratap University. Pratap campus tours are available. You can also take a virtual tour or watch one of our YouTube videos about the University.

Q4. Will I be able to park my car on campus?


Q5. Does the University have any sports facilities?

Yes, both indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available.

Q6. Is the university Wi-Fi enabled?

Yes, our campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled.

Q7. Is this a ragging free campus?

Yes, it is a ragging free campus, we have Anti Ragging cells & Women Cell who keeps on monitoring the activities of students and ensure University Campus - a ragging free campus.

Q1. What sort of complaints are addressed at Pratap University?

We have several different complaint types: General Complaint, Accommodation Grievances, Academic Misconduct, and Sexual and Other Harassment.

Q2. How do I file a complaint?

Complaints related to academic must submit their concern to email - ""
Complaints related to administration must submit their concern to email - ""

Q3. Which office handles complaints at Pratap University?

The complaint process is managed by the Dean Academics. Academic related complaints are a joint effort between the Dean Academics and the HOD’s.

Q4. How long do I have to file a complaint?

It depends on the complaint type. The general time frame is within the semester or by the semester following the incident occurrence. Because there are different policies and procedures for different complaints, please review the specific policy (Account & Admin, Academic, Accommodation, Maintenance, and Miscellaneous) you are filing a complaint about.

Q5. What happens after I file a complaint?

After you file a complaint, you have the option of having a meeting with the Dean of Students office and assistance through facilitated dialogue, if appropriate. If you file a formal complaint, you will automatically need to have a discussion with Dean Academic. After the meeting you will then meet one-on-one with the person with whom you have the concern about or someone form the Dean Academic may accompany you at your request.

Q6. What is the time frame for resolution?

The investigation and resolution (including appeal) of all reports will be completed within a reasonable amount of time based on the specifics of the individual case.

Q1. How many hostels are there in the Pratap University?

Currently we have one boys’ hostel and one girls’ hostel.

Q2. What are the basic amenities in hostels?

stels are fully furnished with facilities such as 24x7 uninterrupted power backup, Wi-Fi, Water supply, television, single rooms’, double rooms’, common room, washroom, hot water supply, security service, drinking water cooler, laundry service etc.

Q3. How far are the hostel blocks from Academic area?

Approximately 300 meters from the Academic area.

Q4. What are the arrangements of food and snacks at hostels?

PU ensures high standards for the quality of food served at its dining halls and the all other food courts on campus. The Monthly Menu is prepared by the Mess Council and approved by the Warden. The HFMC (Hostel Facilities Management Committee) comprising students, staff and faculty oversees the effective functioning of student mess and all eating joints/shops at hostels.

Q5. Does the Campus have any emergency vehicle facility?

Yes, the campus has 24x7 vehicle service for emergency needs.

Q1. Are courses offered by you recognized?

Yes, the University has been established by Act No. 19 of 2008 of the Rajasthan State Legislature to award Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. Recognized by University Grants Commission u/s 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956.

Q2. What courses do you offer?

Refer Courses offered page in website. Click here to visit

Q3. What is the total fee for a selected course?

Contact admission executive.
+91-8003097008, +91-7073351112, +91-7073351115

Q4. How can I register online for admission?

You may contact admission cell members or you can apply online Click here to Apply

Q5. What are the entry requirements for your courses?

For entry requirements, visit the undergraduate course pages or the postgraduate course pages.

Q6. How much is the strength of class?

The nominal strength of the class is as per the Guideline of the Regulatory Body.

Q7. Is the library well stocked and equipped?

Yes PU library has a vast collection of books of Indian and Foreign author, national and international journals, corporate magazines.

Q8. How equipped your labs are?

Our labs are well equipped as per requirements of UGC.

Q9. How much experienced are the faculty members?

PU has highly Qualified and experienced Faculties as per the course requirements and which fulfills the requirements of different Regulatory Bodies.

Q10. Will I get a total refund if I withdraw my admission?

Refund is done as per the University norms.

Q11. How do you provide academic advice to students?

Pratap University has Mentors, career, which is keeping regular interaction with the students on individual basis and guide in improving student’s academic as well as professional skills.