We aspire to make innovation a professional business discipline that can be enlightened in academic institutions, professional organizations, and corporate and regime academies and transferable across organizations.


To spread and increase the adoption of innovation values and exceptional practises in innovation. Assisting people, corporations, training individuals, and regions to broaden their global brilliance and innovative talents through international standards. The vision is to build a network of innovation practitioners that is energetic and vibrant in the design and execution of constructing the vision.


Bharath VB

Mr. Rahul Jain

HOD, Management Department

Since its inception in 2011,''Pratap University'' has been imparting the best of management education.The emphasis has been on the development of the students through academics, research and cultural activities,besides imparting high standards in moral and life lessons.The department has various specializations such as Finance,Human resources,International Business and marketing,besides the academic knowledge at "Pratap University" we have been instrumental in giving vertical specialization such as Healthcare Management,Pharma and International Business with emphasis on real world case studies.

     At "Pratap University"we have been able to impart a cost based quality education and this is achieved through development of competencies via management clubs,outbound programs and other training modules.
"Pratap University" wehave adopted a method of spreading innovation & imbibe exceptional practices of the industry to benefit our students,there is also a lot of importance given to building a network of professionals and developing a bridge to the corporate world, with high class infrastructure and technology,labs and student centric approach,we are sure to create enterprising and budding business managers for the future,together with you we at "PU" would ensute that you are trained and be able to meet the global standards of education.We would ensure that we create the best of opportunities through campushire and industrial experience.

Programs Offered

  • BBA
  • B.COM
  • MBA
  • Ph.D.



"Pratap University" has launched integrated Master in Business Administration (I-MBA)-5 years with National Education Policy (NEP) oriented Program from current Academic Session. "Pratap University" is dedicated to update its academic curriculum to ensure that the student of PU are accepted and maintain pace with upcoming education diversity in the society.

I-MBA comes with exit option at the end of  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year with various Certificate/Degree options. The brief details of I-MBA are given below-



                       DEGREE AWARDED

  1st Year exit


 Certificate course     in Business         Administration

 Certificate in Business Administration

  2nd year exit



 Diploma in Business Administration

  3rd year exit



 Bachelor of Business  Administration

  4th year exit



 Bachelor of Business  Administration(HONS)


  5th year



 Integrated Master of Business  Administration


The five-year Integrated MBA (IMBA) is an extensive management programme designed to prepare students for managerial positions and professional prospects under taken after Class 12. A combined certification program, Diploma, undergraduate and post graduate management programme is known as an integrated MBA. Since an Integrated MBA is a five-year programme in which candidates focus only on business administration for five years, candidates must be very clear about their career interests and ambitions from the start.

Young students with managerial and leadership aspirations should opt for the IMBA program. The degree provides thorough management education together with in-depth specialization in a particular area. During the first semester the student begins to get ready for a profession in management and business administration. It also offers the fundamental groundwork that is available during bachelor-level courses.

Four different exit options are available to students in this five-year programme, which offers a variety of professional pathways. The programme offers an option for a Certificate in Business Administration at the end of the first year, a Diploma in Business Administration at the end of the second year, graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at the end of the third year. Students can also graduate from the programme with BBA (Hons.) at the end of the fourth year. At the conclusion of year four with a BBA (Hons.) Degree, students can continue on to their Master's programme with an I-MBA degree in fifth year.


Like all our other flagship programmes, the Integrated MBA porgramme is designed around PU’s core principles of:

  • Providing Industry-Linked
  • Technology-Based
  • Research-Driven
  • Preparing Global Business Acumen &Managerial Mindsets
  • Project &Case Based Learning









  5 YRS.






  Science and Technology


  Management Core

  Specializations Area


  Open Electives





  Area of Specialization


 Digital Marketing

 HR analytics

 Operation Management

 Logistic &Supply chain management

 Strategic Management

 Banking & Financial Services.

 International Business Management




 Area of Specialization


   Business Analytics & Big Data

 Artificial Intelligence

   Construction Management

 Marketing Analytics and Digital Strategies

 Infrastructure Management

 Supply Chain Management

 Business Research & Strategic Management

 Pharma & Health Care Management

 Rural & Agri-Business

 Tourism & Hospitality Management

 Communication & Media Studies


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Career Opportunities:

After opting for a course from Management and Commerce, there are many opportunities in the corporate world and would help you make a successful career.

      1. Banking and Finance:

There are several jobs in the securities and investment analysis and portfolio management, Banks, securities firm and insurance companies and other financial organizations require large number of resources, companies such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and RBS etc.Banks will hire in the areas of commercial banking, product management, transaction banking, corporate banking, credit risk, relationship management etc.

2. Information Systems & Management:

Techno functional jobs, requires management degrees and being able to bridge between technical and functional expertise in Human Resources, Finance , Operations, Marketing etc, these jobs also require cost analysis for use of the right technology while working with financial and managerial departments.

3. Management Consulting:

If you are someone who likes to take up challenges and solve problems, then is the right fit for you, there are opportunities in many product development and technology companies like Cognizant, KPMG, Infosys Management Consulting etc.

4. Data Analytics:

With each day more industries are moving into digital revolution, and there is rush to use big data , more industries are using mining to make decisions and corporate houses such as retail sectors, banking and e-commerce companies.

5. Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship is the perfect career choice for candidates looking to start a successful business venture. The management lessons help him to set up his /her own firm.

PEOs, POs & PSOs  

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)                          

1.To train the students of the Management program for logical and practical approach to problem solving and function effectively as skilled managers who can respond to changing environment in a social and global context.

2. To train the students to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams for effective problem solving and understand the principles of group dynamics, Team work and growth of Management profession.

3. To inspire and train the students as a way that they can pursue higher studies, start independent ventures, thereby contributing to the fields of Education and Business world.


Program Outcomes (POs)

An Ability

1. To apply Management fundamentals in practical world.

2. To understand the impact of management solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context

3. To demonstrate abilities such as initiative taking and innovative thinking in their acts.

4. To inculcate zeal of self-learning.

5. To Enhance Entrepreneurship abilities so that the students are induced to undertake independent ventures.

6. To work with team and manage multidisciplinary function

7. To understand  professional and ethical responsibility,

8. To engage in life-long learning

9. To understand contemporary management issues,

10. To develop broad knowledge and create innovative strategies in the chosen elective field of Finance, Marketing, HR, Production, System, Vertical and General Management.


Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

1. Develop the students into effective leaders and administrators equipped to face the challenges of corporate world.

2. Inculcate the social, legal and ethical responsibilities of Business among the students to become responsible citizens of the country.

3. An ability to apply conceptual foundations of management to solve practical decision-making problems.